Competition Guide

 I. Overview 

Serving as a critical cooperative component in China’s peripheral diplomacy, the Lancang-Mekong Cooperation (LMC) mechanism was conjointly established by China, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. This forms the pioneering sub-regional cooperation mechanism that is collectively deliberated, co-built, and shared by these six river basin countries, focusing on the trifecta of political security, economic and sustainable development, and socio-cultural aspects.

In 2021, the “2021 LMC International Poster Design Competition,” held collaboratively by China and several entities from the Mekong countries under the auspices and support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, was a resounding success, amassing a wealth of exceptional submissions around the ecological and environmental theme of “Green Lancang-Mekong”.

Come 2022, the competition ratcheted up its reach by introducing a bamboo and rattan weaving unit, casting a wide net for designers and enthusiasts from all participating nations to showcase their works. The objective was to kindle the creative fervor amongst designers, embodied the lofty ethos of Lancang-Mekong cooperation through the conduit of art and beauty, and fuel the cultural and design exchanges across the Lancang-Mekong nations.

In 2023, the competition’s organizing committee engaged in an in-depth partnership with Chongqing, facilitating the local exchange and cooperation between Chongqing and the Mekong countries. 

Come 2024, the fifth iteration of Lancang-Mekong Cooperation Art & Design Award (LMCADA) will forge forth. Building upon the foundations of its predecessors, this competition will devote itself to the promotion of green and clean energy collaboration among the Lancang-Mekong nations. The competition endows itself with renewed vigor by introducing a new AI-powered poster design unit, urging artists worldwide to venture into more inventive territories with their creations, thus elevating the cultural and artistic exchanges of the Lancang-Mekong region to unprecedented heights.

II. Theme for the Competition

On December 26, 2023, the Fourth Leaders’ Meeting of the Lancang-Mekong Cooperation unveiled the Naypyidaw Declaration, affirming the need to “amplify the exchange and collaboration concerning new energy policies and sectors, encompassing elements like electric vehicles, photovoltaics, energy-conserving efficiency boosters, low carbon footprint solutions, and sustainable development themes.” Adopted at the meeting was the “Five-Year Action Plan for Lancang-Mekong Cooperation (2023-2027),” explicitly accentuating the collective incentive for “stimulating the growth of the photovoltaic industry and leveraging green energy resources.” Upon thorough deliberation amongst all organizing parties, the theme decided for the 2024 Lancang-Mekong Cooperation International Art Design Competition is “Green Power, Lancang-Mekong’s New Day”.

III. Competition Schedule
Competition period: April 2024 — November 2024
Artwork collection period: April 2024 — October 2024
Artwork submission deadline: October 7, 2024
Review and announcement of winners: November 2024

IV. Competition Eligibility and Guidelines

The competition is conducted under the principles of fairness, impartiality, and transparency. We welcome entries from designers, design institutions, faculty and students from specialized art and design schools, and design enthusiasts from the Lancang-Mekong countries as well as other regions. Participants can register as individuals or groups within the designated period.

This event consists of a “Primary Unit: Poster Design” and a “Special Unit: AI-Assisted Poster Design” :

(1) Primary Unit: Poster Design

The central theme is “Green Power, Lancang-Mekong’s New Day”. Designers are encouraged to explore various aspects of Lancang-Mekong energy collaboration and create imaginative and expressive designs. They should use artistic techniques to illustrate diverse aspects such as cooperation in energy security, joint energy infrastructure projects, renewable energy, modernized power grid systems, photovoltaic sector, energy storage, electric vehicle components, and green development investments among Lancang-Mekong countries. Regardless of the creative perspective chosen, it should fully embody the theme, “Green Power, Lancang-Mekong’s New Day,” underline the LanCang-Mekong collaboration’s value, breathe fresh vigour and originality into it, and collectively stimulate its progressive deepening and advancement. Should your design employ AI technology, please opt for the “Special Unit: AI-Assisted Poster Design” at the time of entry submission.

The technical adherence for entries is as follows:

Participants may enter through static or dynamic poster designs. For static poster designs, files need to be in JPG, jpeg, or png format, with RGB color mode, 300dpi resolution, with dimensions compatible with the A3 size (297×420mm). For dynamic poster designs, entries should be submitted in gif or mp4 format with a minimum resolution of 1080 pixels.

(2) Special Uint: AI-Assistant Poster Design :

In an endeavor to elevate the technological edge of the competition in line with this year’s theme, we’ve introduced a Special Unit: AI (Artificial Intelligence) assistPoster Design Category. This initiative aims to garner widespread interest from professional designers and art enthusiasts across the Lancang-Mekong countries to contribute designs amplified by AI technology. The goal is to use AI as a tool to enhance human creativity, vividly showcasing the significant accomplishments in energy cooperation under the banner of Lancang-Mekong collaboration, and encouraging the mutual reverence of diverse civilizations and forging connections among people.

Technical specifications for this category are as follows:

  • For poster designs that leverage AI technology, participants are required to complete the “Information Form (AI Design)”, detailing aspects like the artwork title, artwork description, AI model used, the generation command (prompt), etc.
  • During the AI-based design process, ensure the alignment of the chosen AI model with the design theme.
  • Participants should select an AI model that accurately corresponds with the design theme and content, provide clear and precise instructions, and fine-tune the AI’s output to ensure a closer adherence to the preliminary theme and message.
    It’s imperative that participants ensure the AI models and the data used are reusable and do not raise copyright issues. The organizing committee encourages participants to embrace innovative thinking and an open mindset to face the challenges of the competition.

V. Important Notes:

1. Registration and Submission of Entries:

Participants can access the “Information Sheet” in the “Files Download” section of the official website ( Once filled out, this form should be combined with the artwork and sent to the competition’s Organizing Committee via e-mail at for successful completion of the submission process.

Each contestant or team is confined to a maximum of three artworks. These can be individually prepared, or belong to a series (each series is considered as one entry), with each artwork needing one-time submission only. Be sure to fill out every detail in the Entry Information Registration Form completely and accurately, failing which the entry will be deemed invalid.

The Organizing Committee doesn’t levy any fees from participants, nor does it appoint individuals or agencies to perform this task. If you encounter illicit activities pertaining to fee collection, please notify the Organizing Committee promptly to avoid becoming victims of fraud.

2. Originality and Intellectual Property Statement:

All submitted pieces must be original and unpublished in any newspapers, magazines, websites, or other forms of media as of October 7, 2024. They must not have participated in previous competitions, unavailable for retail, or employed for profit-oriented purposes. Participants guarantee absolute intellectual property rights for their submissions, ensure conformity to national laws and regulations, avoid third-party intellectual property infringement or other violations, and bear responsibility for any potential copyright issues arising from their artworks.

If any shortlisted or award-winning artwork is found guilty of plagiarism or any form of infringement, its award status will be withdrawn, prizes reclaimed and all award proofs revoked by the host. The author is liable for legal repercussions arising from such offenses.

Although participants hold copyright over their submissions, their successful participation is interpreted as providing a non-revocable, complimentary license to the host and its affiliates and partners, authorizing them to exercise rights (including but not restricted to network dissemination, duplication, distribution, exhibition, screening, modification, adaptation, and compilation) over submitted artwork globally for promotional purposes throughout the event. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to suitably edit, annotate, and modify entries without explicit consent from the participant.

In cases where AI has been used to aid in the design process, remember to select “Special  Unit: AI-Assisitant Poster Design” during your submission. The entries’ name and main body must not contain any text or visuals relating to the author’s identity, including institution logos, initials (including English or other language acronyms), or any other form of personal information. Participants should retain their draft manuscripts and creation records of competed submissions. If intellectual property disputes arise and no appropriate documentary evidence can be furnished, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to disqualify such entries.

VI. Awards and Honors:

The arrangement of awards for this competition is as follows:

One coveted Jury’s Grand Prize will be awarded, comprising a pre-tax cash reward of RMB¥20,000 and an award certificate.

Separately for the Primary Poster Design Unit and the AI-Assistant Poster Design Special Unit, the awards will be presented as follows:

– One First Prize recipient, entitled to a pre-tax cash reward of RMB¥10,000 and a First Prize certificate;
– Five Second Prizes will be awarded, each with a pre-tax cash reward of RMB¥5,000 and a Second Prize certificate;
– Ten Third Prizes will be given, each with a pre-tax cash reward of RMB¥2,000 and a Third Prize certificate;
– Thirty Excellence Awards will be named, each receiving a certificate of achievement.

The jury will identify and honor outstanding organizations and individuals with the Organizational Contribution Award Certificate.

Once the award-winning entries have been announced, a fitting occasion for award presentations, exhibitions, and accompanying events will be arranged, taking place in China and Mekong River countries.

VII. Organizing Institutions

Organized by:

      China Center for International Communication Development

      Publicity and Education Center of the Ministry of Natural Resources

      Central Academy of Fine Arts

      Yunnan International Communication Center for South and Southeast Asia

      Yunnan University

      Bangkok University, Thailand

      National University of Laos

      Royal University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia

      Fuqing School, Myanmar

Co-organized by:

      China General Nuclear Power Corporation

      China International Water & Electric Corp. of CCCG

      Chinese Cultural Heritage Protection Foundation

      Beijing MW Foundation

VIII. Composition of the Judging Panel:
The competition has appointed Professor Lü Pinjing, the Vice Dean of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, as the chairman of the jury. Additionally, we have invited distinguished experts and scholars from China and international countries including Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam to serve as judges.
IX. Contact Details
The 2024 Lancang-Mekong Cooperation Art and Design Award Organizing Committee Office
Address: Room 410, CICG, 24 Baiwanzhuang Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, China.
Postal Code: 100037
Official Websitet:
Phone Numbers: +8610-68995930, 88332357