Online Exhibition of Award-Winning Creations

2023 Jury's Grand Award


Author: Wang Xinyu
The poster employs a series of interlocking weaving patterns to represent the intricate bonds of "Connect, Communicate, Change" that join the nations and peoples of the Lancang-Mekong region. The animals representative of the six countries symbolise the emotional web created by China, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam, who collaboratively initiated the Lancang-Mekong cooperation mechanism anchored in three pillars: political security, economic prosperity, and social-cultural development. This intricate network continuously expands and interconnects through its infinite woven threads. The predominant palette of blue and green underscores the ecology of the region; green representing the thriving vitality of life and blue aligning with the ecological environment of the Lancang-Mekong Basin. Overall, the ambiance created by the intertwining patterns provides a backdrop that highlights the ongoing vitality and hope associated with the six-country cooperation mechanism.

2022 Jury's Grand Award


Author: Wang Yinzhe The term "Echo" has its roots in ancient Greek mythology, being the name of a woodland nymph. It symbolizes the quest for harmonious relationships. On a micro level, it represents the harmony between oneself and a cat, while on a macro level, it signifies the harmony between humans and nature. Furthermore, it resonates with the designer's aspiration for traditional harmonious coexistence.

2021 Jury's Grand Award

Bird of Yue Purifies, Life Flourishes

Author: Mou Zhenxuan
Since ancient times, verses such as "birds of Yue fly southeast" or "birds of Yue perch in the south" have graced Chinese poetry, with 'birds of Yue' specifically referring to peacocks, native to Southeast Asia and the Lancang-Mekong River Basin. Peacocks often embody prosperity and splendor, compelling me to integrate their image as the primary symbol of my design, combining elements of wildlife, water, and vegetation. In my representation, the peacock's body symbolizes the Lancang-Mekong water source, its gentle flow interwoven with the peacock's vibrant plumage, mirroring the lush vegetation along the riverbanks. The interconnected head of a peacock and body of a rhinoceros epitomize the thriving life in the river basin and the interconnected destiny of the six countries it courses through. "Same river we drink from, destinies deeply linked, Bird of Yue seeks southeast, life forever thrives". I tailored the latter part of this phrase, crafting a title, "Bird of Yue Purifies, Life Flourishes," that not only echoes this sentiment but also conveys the entire message I wish to impart.

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